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Beef Flaxmeal

Add the Good Fat (Omega-3) Your Beef Is Missing.
"Don't settle for just corn fed beef anymore, Get all the beef "
 Right here with.. Our Custom Omega 3 feed.
 Add about 1 lb. of to about 8 to 10 lb's of Corn for balance fat's. 
Crude Fat (Min)       38.00%     (Max) 45%
Protein (Min)           15.00%     (Max) 30%
Crude Fiber (Min)    14.00%     (Max) 27%
Plus the Healthy  Omega 3     (Max) 24%
    That's the fat that Corn don't have..  
Omega 3: Health Food for Feeder CattleSupplementing beef cattle rations with Omega 3 can enhance carcass value, increase performance and improve cattle health. Omega 3 consistently boosts beneficial fatty acid levels in edible beef.
For a more balanced Fatty Acids Feed of the healthy Omega - 3 With (max) 42% fats, add our custom feed to your Corn when feeding to have the best of both fats in your cattle.
 Now you can feed both fats, which inturn creates a healthy food and "higher graded beef".   
 For a 2 or 3  (Omega 6 fat, corn) to 1 ratio (Omega 3 fat, cornflax).
(USDA say's a 3 to1 Ratio 3 corn (Omg-6)  to 1 flaxseed (Omg-3) is good, but we like it better)
 Custom Feed Meal
  KEEPING THE Omega 3 OILS IN the feeds.
Crude Protein (min) 15.00%    (max) 30%
Crude Fat        (min) 38.00%    (max) 45%
Crude Fiber     (min) 14.00%    (max) 27%
Item 1.   We have 50 lb. bags of just Meal On Sale Price..
Picked up at our ranch is $58.98 A Bag

E-Mail  For the Date to Pick up. M-F
Check with us on shipping cost and the final payment for shipping can be paid by using Our Donate/Bill Pay Button at the bottom of this page.
To treat a Ton of Corn or other feeds, ( E-Mail us with the ratio you choose, we will work it out for you) ..4/ 50 pound bags of meal to treat a ton of corn.
Now you can have your cake and eat it to.."Healthy Beef" IS what's for Supper now. Now you can have your cake and eat it too! Health Beef" IS what's for supper now, as it should be.