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Richard B. Russell Shoreline Management Policy

Richard B. Russell Lake Shoreline Management Policy
(and they don't play)
The Corps of Engineers seek to manage and protect the shoreline of the lake by establishing and maintaining acceptable fish and wildlife habitat, aesthetic quality and natural environmental conditions; and to promote the safe and healthful use of these shorelines for recreational purposes by the public.
Considerations must also be given to possible conflicts of use between the general public and the owners of private property adjacent to the project. Use of public land by adjacent private property owners which would lead the public to believe public land is privately owned is called private exclusive use.
The policy of the Chief of Engineers is that private exclusive use will not be permitted on lakes constructed after December 1974 – and Richard B. Russell falls into that category.
This means that privately-owned boat docks, launching ramps, driveways, gardens, buildings, developed walkways, vista clearings, under-brushing, mowing, and other private lakeshore uses will not be permitted.
This policy does not mean that landowners who share a common boundary with public property at the lake cannot use the lakeshore lands.
There is no prohibition against pedestrian use of any public property at the lake except in a very few restricted areas near the dam. In this respect, adjacent landowners have the right accorded to any other member of the public, plus a private access point from their property to public land and water.
A citation can require the appearance of the person charged with a violation to appear before a U.S. Magistrate.
Corps of Engineers
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