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How To Order

How To Order Your Beef Instructions
( You can go in together with FAMILY AND FRIENDS  to reduce and share the cost or to buy larger weights..)
1. See what is available on the hoof today.
 [ This starting date is - January-01-2008 ] (Beef sizes can & will change each week)
                  Next New Beef Finishing Date is: the End of Spring    
                   A whole and side of beef Available
2. Pick a Whole Beef or a Side of Beef to Reserve.
3.  E-mail Tri S Ranch's Beef..with any questions you may have to work out an order. 
4. Place your Order with us, then make a down Payment to confirm your order. This put's your name on a walking head of beef. (see one type of payment below, no pay pal account needed)
5. When you pick up your order, then pay the other half.
( After Finishing Date Listed above, processing and aging the beef will take about 3 weeks )
The balance or final payment will be determined by the certified hanging weight ticket from the Processing Plant.
6. We will let you know when your Beef is ready so you can stop by the ranch and pick it up ..
Finished beef is dry aged 14 days ( longer if you like @ $3.00 a day over 14 days ), vacuum sealed, then packed in custom boxes  16" Long x 12" Wide x 12" Tall that fits well in a freezer.
7. And Yes, there is a limited number of Beef that we can offer each year..

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