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Riding Prices

Over 35 miles of Lake Trails on Lake Russell Shores..
We are In the Center of Calhoun Falls, SC at the Intersection of SC Highways 72 and 81 Beside Sanctuary's entrance, Lake Russells new project. 
(Lake Trails are subject to changes, water levels and Mother Nature)
And Lots of cool wooded trails..
Kim and Bobby Sherard
Dollars, actually - by the hundred-million.
South Carolina's equine industry, on a per capita basis, equals that of Texas.
Link to: The Carolina Dog  
Tri S Ranch 
6017 Hwy. 72 West 
P.O. Box 605
Calhoun Falls, SC 29628
 E-Mail Tri S Ranch at Trail Ride for availability of Horse Trail Rides.
Sorry for the inconvenience, a deposit may be required to help cut down on the No-Show Trail Riders who book a time slot then don't show up for the trail ride. This tie's up horses that other folks could be riding. check with us by e-mail
_________________Tri S Ranch Horse Trail Rides List Below_________________
ONE HOUR  GUIDED RIDE ...........................                    $45.00
This scenic ride takes you along a winding creek under the cover of old growth trees.
Or if you would just like to ride around on a horse here at the ranch to see what it's like.
Make a reservation today E-Mail Trail Ride for availability

TWO HOUR LAKE or WOODS                           ................$65.00
Starting from stable we leave out on a trail leading toward the
lake. Along the way you ride along the wood trails on the old rail road trail system. Tri S Ranch has used this rails to trail for many years to take you to "7" jumping off points all leading down to Lake Russell shore line.

For those who would like to stay close to the farm we have a fenced in area.


THREE HOUR LAKE or WOODS RIDE ...........................$95.00
This ride has a little of it all as far as riding goes.
Our guides will take you out to where people just don't go.
We call this the outback trail where you may see just about
any type of local wildlife.

A 3 hour ride is a little longer than normal. We do stop for a break every now and then.


HALF DAY OUTFITTERS RIDE                                          $125.00
We provide lunch at the end of the trail. Minimum of two riders required for this ride.

This ride leaves out for a morning ride and lunch when you return.


This ride is for experienced riders. Dinner on the trail and supper at one of the finest spots on the lake are included. 
 We try to keep all groups down to 4 or 5 per ride. 

Minimum of two riders required for this ride.


GUIDING FEE  (per hour for your group, if needed)                      $15.00
You ride your own horses - we can just show the way. 
Any Deposit will be refunded or, at your choice, applied at the completion of the signed release form