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Horse Boarding and Over-Night Trail Rides

 All trails start from our Lake Russell gateway stables in the center of Calhoun Falls. Over nights are on the North or the South side. under construction
 Log Cabin Rental On the North Side OF Trail
 For those of you that "like the comforts of home" with your horse trips, then this is it.  A large new Log Cabin loaded with all the necessary items. Included in this package is boarding for your horse/horses or use the horses that come with the cabin rental.  Call for prices and availability Phone: 864-348-3232
Camp under the Stars on the South Side of trail
A two story Lodge and Stables (under construction) on the (South Side) 15 acres at this turn around area of the trail near Lake Russell's Dam  Overlook. This is the "camp under the stars location with a fire" for those who want to try the old way.  A valid SC fishing license is needed on weekend trips if you want to fish in Lake Russell. We can tailor trailrides to suit your needs. 

Prices Per Month Per Horse for Boarding    
Full Board -  Out at Tri S Ranch                                                            $450.00 per horse
1 mile from Town and Lake Trail (by dirt road.)

Full Board -   Up Town Trail- Tri S Ranch will be offering Stalls for your horse or horses, beside the New Lake Russell Project in Calhoun Falls. Our stables will be in the center of Calhoun Falls beside the new project on highway 81 at the bridge. under construction                                                $500.00 per horse
Full Board -   Beulah Land Farms  (A gated boarding stable)       $400.00 per horse
Includes All Trails, wash area, and stop over's at other two barns on the trail. 6 miles from town barn and 10 miles from the south side barn. There are short rides and long rides. There is also a one day 20 mile ride or a two day 42 mile loop horse trail available from this location.

Weekend Board - (For Park Campers or Staying Local)                $65.00 per horse In Town
Includes Friday Night and Saturday Night and all Trails. under construction
note: All Trails are included with above listing.
Overnight Trail-Rides Carolina Style
Available dates for overnight trailride below:
Date from September to May yearly.
Minimum group size - 2
North and South Side Trails
1 Over- Night on trail - (with Supper & Breakfast)               $250.00 per person
2 Over- Nights on trail (with fishing trip?)                                       $395.00 per person
About a Half Days Ride on our horses going in. Bunk House or Bed Roll Area -Your Choice. Once there, we take care of the rest.
January 2008 week of: Not Available at this time
February 2008 week of: Not Available at this time
March 2008 week of: Not Available at this time
April 2008 week of: Not Available at this time
May 2008 week of: Not Available at this time
September 2008 week of:  Not Available at this time
October 2008 week of:  Not Available at this time
November 2008 week of: Not Available at this time 
December 2008 week of: Not Available at this time

Information for Guests:

We Will Provide:
Qualified guides, horses, tack, camping equipment, vehicle support, and all meals during the over-night trips.
Our staff knows each horse and will match you with the one that will give you an enjoyable ride - no matter what level of rider you are.

What you need to bring:
Hat, sunscreen, personnel clothing (adequate and appropriate for the time of year), sunglasses, flashlight, sleeping bag and pad. We have sleeping bags and pads that can be rented with advance notice for $15.00 per night.

Your Guides:
Are professionals. They are residents who are more than happy to share their knowledge of the, geology, horses and area history  while keeping your trip safe and worry free.

Catch and release fishing in camping area pond if you don't want to try the lake.
Sundays - no evening meal or entertainment.
Most trail rides guided at walk/trot.
Hiking and nature trails are around the camping area.
Private Rides: $40 per hour
We accept Visa and MasterCard
If sleeping under the stars is not something you enjoy, you can experience the ride and trail-camp but may sleep elsewhere, at your discretion.
You could check out the local Latimer Inn in Calhoun Falls
Trails will be less than 50 feet from Our New Barn in Center of Calhoun Falls..
Picture above are what Horse Stalls will look like in new barns. These stalls  are also similar to our old Horse Stalls torn down by S.C.H.D.
All Stalls will be New when we get finished.
note: Walls between Stalls will be closed off in Our New Barn.